The Lady Rocks and Gladiator Rocks are having a Inclusion Zone Basketball taster session in Cumbernauld. This is a great opportunity for young people with a disability who are ambulant or use a wheelchair to take part in sport in a club setting. The session details are:

Inclusive Zone Basketball

Come and Try Session

15th December

7pm – 8pm

St Maurice’s High School Sports Complex

The Lady Rocks and Gladiator Rocks Basketball Club would like to invite young people along to a come and try session on 15th December to find out more about the sport.

Inclusive Zone Basketball is a 4 a-side game, developed to enable players who cannot participate in a full game of basketball to enjoy playing the game. The zones used enable players to be matched in their abilities within these zones.

The small-sided teams and adapted playing area enable girls and boys, both disabled and non-disabled, to participate in a fun game of basketball. The game takes into account principles of the ‘Social Model’ of disability, and lends itself to the modified and parallel sections of the ‘Inclusion Spectrum’

The sport is suitable for electric wheelchair players, manual wheelchair players and ambulant with physical impairments. Players with learning disabilities may require additional support from Leaders in recognising and playing within the designated zones.

For more information on the event please contact Andrew MacKenzie, Club Development Officer for Lady Rocks and Gladiator Rocks on:


To see the sport in action visit the following link

We want to grow our Rocks family and open up opportunities to everyone in sport.

Inclusion Zone Basketball Is For Everyone

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