National Honours

At Lady Rocks we do not let good hard work go unnoticed. Here is a list of the achievements that the team, coaches and individuals have had over the years.

We are very proud of everyone’s achievement at the club.

Erin McGarrachan Scotland U15
Scotland U16 Captain,
U18 Scotland Captain
Senior Women Scotland
GB U20 Captain
Houston Baptist University, USA
Rona Corkindale Scotland Senior Women
Shiv Moore Scotland Senior Women 2012
Toni Carvill Scotland U16 2002
Scotland Senior Women 2007 / 2008 / 2010
New Mexico Jr College 2006-2007
Grayson County College 2007-2008
Scotland U18 Women Assistant Coach 2011
Scotland Senior Women 2012
Scotland U13 Boys Assistant Coach 2012-2013
Scotland U18 Women Team Manager 2013
Erin Gilbride Scotland U18 2012
Courtney McLaughlin Scotland U14 Captain 2009
Scotland U15 2010
Scotland U16 2011
Scotland U18 2013
Taylor McKeown Scotland U15 2011
Scotland U16 Captain 2012
Scotland U18 2013
Melissa Bell Scotland U15 2008
Lisa Haldane Scotland U16 Captain 2005
Scotland U18 2006
Scotland U18 2007 (Euro B’s)
Scottish Universities 2008-2010
Erin Ruddy Scotland U15 2012
Caitlin McGoohan Scotland U14 2011
Scotland U15 2012
Toni Ferrie Scotland U15 2012
Christie Lamb Scotland U15 2012
Scotland U16 Captain 2013
Chelsea O’Neill Scotland U14 2012
Scotland U16 2013
Khera Ross Scotland U13 Captain 2011/12
Scotland U14 2012/13
Scotland U15 Captain 2013/14
Sam Butler Scotland U15 2011
Ailidh Hood Scotland Senior Women 2012
Shannon McAuley Scotland U14 2011
Scotland U15 2012
Scotland U16 2013
Michelle Bradley Scotland U14 2008/09
Scotland U14/15 2009/10
Scotland U15 2010/11
Scotland U16 2011/12
Danielle Dawson Scotland U13 2013
Shannon Beattie Scotland U12 2012
Scotland U13 2013
Ciara Burns Scotland U12 2013
Hannah Frobisher Scotland U12 2013
Elise Wylie Scotland U13 2011
Scotland U15 2013
Steph McGowan Scotland U16 2011
Scotland U18 2012 & 2013
Amanda McQueen Scotland Team Manager U14’s 2011/12